Hastings Today

The Coastal Adaptation Pathfinder report provide a detailed analysis of what impacts coastal processes, climate change and recent beach replenishment … [Read more...]

Hastings in the 1900’s

However due to construction difficulties and insufficient funds all work came to a halt at the end of 1897 by which time the eastern harbour arm … [Read more...]

Hastings in the 1800’s

There would then appear to a prolonged episode of inactivity as far as the development of a harbour is concerned. Fishing vessels were brought ashore … [Read more...]

Hastings in the 1600’s

Very little work was undertaken until 1611 when it was decided to repair what remained of the pier. Again the whole town was called upon to contribute … [Read more...]

Hastings in the 1500’s

While the Anglo Saxon Chronicles describe the men of Hastings as providing ships to the King there are no records from the time that indicate where … [Read more...]


Coastal Defence Strategies Cooden Beach to Cliff End Strategy     … [Read more...]


Coastal Groups South East Coastal Group Shoreline Management Plan - South Foreland to Beachy Head   … [Read more...]

Central Government

Laws Coast Protection Act Flood and Water Management Bill   Policy Strategies and Policy … [Read more...]

Profile Data

While beach plan surveys provide a more accurate view of morphological change and beach volume levels, profiles clearly illustrate the changes in … [Read more...]

3D grids of Hastings Beach

Continuous data is collected every summer and is used to create a 3D plan of the beach surface; a Digital Ground Model (DGM).  This DGM is then used … [Read more...]