Profile Data

While beach plan surveys provide a more accurate view of morphological change and beach volume levels, profiles clearly illustrate the changes in beach cross section. In addition, the 2010 survey beach profiles have been cross-referenced with the other profile surveys carried out over the past seven years in order to ensure that the results from the difference models are representative of net profile change. This then gives an indication of the beach variability over several time steps.

The analysis of a number of cross shore profiles was carried out as part of this study, in order to identify evolution trends along the study area. Figure 1 shows the full set of beach profiles available in the study area.

Figure 1: Profile Locations within the Fisherman’s Beach

Profile data is imported into SANDS to create cross sections of the beach which are comparable year or year. Figure 2 shows the SANDS profile for Profile 4c01349 (the most western profile within the Fisherman’s beach). 

Figure 2: Example of a SANDS cross section for Profile 4c01349

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